MISA Publications

Building a Sustainable Business
A detailed workbook that takes you through stages of planning: identifying your values, assessing the resources you have, setting goals for where you want to go, planning specific ways to achieve those goals, and writing a detailed business plan.

Loon Organics Case Study
Online publication detailing the experiences of two beginning farmers as they planned and developed their CSA farm. Includes many references to in-depth information sources.

Marketing Local Food
Background information on business models, regulations, pricing, liability, and other considerations for developing a sound plan for a local food business.

Collaborative Marketing: A Roadmap and Resource Guide for Farmers
Profiles of cooperatives in Minnesota and nearby states, and resources for cooperative development.

Whole Farm Planning
An introduction to the principles of envisioning your farm as one whole system. It includes descriptions of a number of planning and monitoring tools that farmers can use; but be aware that this is a 1998 publication and some of those tools have been discontinued or have evolved into different systems.

Goal Setting Handbook
(PDF, 477 kB)
Companion piece to the Whole Farm Planning publication. It provides a system for farmers and their advisors to discuss what they want the farm to accomplish.

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