Season Extension

Season extension allows farmers a longer growing or harvesting season than they could otherwise expect. In Minnesota and other northern states, season extension can be a crucial part of a marketing plan: you might achieve a 22-week season, for instance, rather than a 15-week season for a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farm. Some Minnesota farmers use greenhouses to offer a winter CSA of salad greens!

Season extension methods include black plastic ground cover, high tunnels, row covers, greenhouses, succession planting, and mulching, to name a few. Frequently, several of these methods are used simultaneously.

High Tunnel Resources

University of Minnesota High Tunnels Research Website

Kansas State University High Tunnels Website

Midwest Season Extension

Minnesota contact person for season extension:

Terry Nennich
Regional Extension Educator
Horticulture, University of Minnesota Extension Service
e-mail: nenni001@umn.edu
Telephone: 218-281-8690

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