Meat Processing Plants in Minnesota
...and some in neighboring states

There are three main categories of meat processing plants in Minnesota: Custom-Exempt, Equal-To, and USDA. Read our Farmer Guide to decide which category is most appropriate to your needs.

The list of Custom-Exempt plants is in a PDF file. The State Equal-To Plants link takes you off-site to the Minnesota Department of Agriculture's list; and the USDA plants are in a Microsoft Excel Workbook file. If you have trouble downloading the files or need them in a different format, please contact Jane Jewett.

1. Custom-Exempt

List of State-Inspected Custom Exempt Plants


2. Equal-To or State Equivalent

List of State "Equal-To" Plants (equal to USDA inspection)



Slaughter and Processing Plants in MN
(MS Excel, 16 kB) 01/04/2016

Slaughter and Processing Plants in WI
(MS Excel, 14 kB) 01/04/2016


Information for Meat Processors:

Sample Plans for Meat Processing Plant HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points)

Iowa Meat Processors' Resource Guidebook
(PDF, 1.46 MB), Produced by Iowa State University and focused on Iowa, but with information useful to Minnesota meat processors.

USDA Toll-Free Help Desk for Small Meat & Poultry Processors