Marketing Organic Products

Organic wholesale marketing options for feed and food grains, oilseeds, hay, milk, meat, fruits and vegetables.

Directory of Organic Buyers

Organic Valley Cooperative
Dairy, meat, eggs, poultry, soybean, produce.

OFARM, Organic Farmers' Agency for Relationship Marketing
Grains, legumes, oilseeds, hay.

  • OFARM is a consortium of a number of Midwest organic marketing entities. See their individual websites (linked on the OFARM site) for specific information about the crops they handle.

Minnesota Organic Farm Directory lists crops, livestock, fruits, vegetables, and specialty products. This directory is intended for farms that sell to each other and to processors, traders, retailers, chefs, and other intermediate or large-scale buyers. If you would like to be listed in the directory, please contact Meg Moynihan at 651-201-6012. This directory is published by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture.

Organic Price Reports

Use these reports to get an idea of the value of your crops before you approach a wholesale buyer. The price you can get for your organic products will depend on factors such as the product quality, the quantity you have for sale, your location and distance from shipping terminals, and the market price for similar products.

Upper Midwest Organic Grain & Feedstuffs Report (current week)

Eastern Cornbelt Organic Grain & Feedstuffs Report (current week)

The New Farm Organic Price Index (OPX)

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