MISA Publications

****Newest Publication!  Harvest-to-Sale Vegetable Handling ****

MISA publications are publications MISA partnered on or that were developed directly from our Information Exchange Program. The Info Exchange Program develops sustainable agriculture educational information in print and electronic form using a collaborative process. Input from farmers, researchers and community groups is used at all stages of development--to identify topics and project team members; and to write, review and disseminate materials.

Links to the MISA Website lead to a summary page with the full PDF document as well as smaller sections for faster download. To access PDF files for easy reading and printing, download the free Adobe Reader. Other publications are hosted on external websites or are available directly from this page in PDF format.

Publications marked with an asterisk (*) are available in print. For ordering information, contact the MISA office: 612-625-8235; 800-909-6472; misamail@umn.edu.



Title Year Website Complete PDF
Farmstay Manual* 2011 MISA 2.05 MB

Business & Succession Planning

Title Year Website Complete PDF
Farm Transitions Toolkit * 2013 MISA 2.2 MB
Building a Sustainable Business* Updated 2013 MISA 5.90 MB
Una Guía para Desarrollar un Plan de Negocios para Granjas y Ranchos     2.27 MB
Whole Farm Planning Updated 2011 MISA 3.3 MB
Goal Setting Handbook 1998   477 kB

Crops and Soils

Title Year Website Complete PDF
Harvest-to-Sale Vegetable Handling 2014 MISA  
Wholesale Success (with FamilyFarmed.org) 2012 MISA  
Minnesota Soil Management Series Updated 2008 Extension  
1. Soil Management
2. Compaction
3. Manure Management
4. Organic Matter Management
5. Soil Biology and Soil Management
Minnesota Guide to Organic Certification* Revised 2007 MISA 3 MB
Agroforestry: Discovering Profits in Unlikely Places 2000 Extension  
Monitoring Toolbox 1997 Land Stewardship Project  


Title Year Website Complete PDF
Dairy Your Way 2006 MISA 4.6 MB
Poultry Your Way 2005, resources updated 2007 MISA 2.3 MB
Hogs Your Way 2001 MISA 2.2 MB
Sustainable Farming Systems 2001 MISA 677 kB
Knee Deep in Grass 1996 Extension  

Beginning Farmers

Title Year Website Complete PDF
Technical Case Studies
Clover Valley Farms, LLC.
2012  Website  
Loon Organics CSA
2010  Website  

Local & Regional Food Systems

Title Year Website Complete PDF
A Guide to Regulations for Local Food Entrepreneurs 2014 MISA     2.3 Mb
Commercial Kitchen Guide 2014 MISA   3.2 Mb
Marketing Local Food* Updated 2011 MISA 1.8 MB
Local Food: Where to Find It, How to Buy It* Revised 2011 MISA 508 kb 
Directory of Organic Buyers* 2010 MISA 2.2 MB
Economic Impact of Farm to School in Central Minnesota 2010   Report
179 kb
696 kb
Farm to School Toolkit for Food Service 2009 Website  
Collaborative Marketing 2000, revised 2008 Extension  

Urban Agriculture

Title Year Website Complete PDF
Urban Gardens and Soil Contaminants 2010   3.2 MB


Title Year Website Complete PDF
Time, Soil and Children 2004 MISA 815 kB