Farm Transitions Discussion Group

You are invited to join the Farm Transitions email discussion list, which is designed to help farmers and farmland owners work through the issues involved in transferring farmland and farm businesses to the next generation This is a regional effort; through it, you will be able to network with friends from MOSES, Sustainable Farming Association of Minnesota, and other organizations.

To join:

Renewing the Countryside is sponsoring this email exchange because so many people have expressed an interest in receiving more information and sharing with others about farm transition issues. We anticipate there will be a few posts a week--on topics such as these:

--paying for long-term care and keeping the farm

--how to provide an inheritance for farming and non-farming heirs

--changes in laws that may affect your estate plans

--upcoming conferences and workshops

--and much more


This listserv is a project of Renewing the Countryside, with support from the Minnesota Institute for Sustainable Agriculture and cooperation of Midwest Organic and Sustainable Education Service (MOSES), Practical Farmers of Iowa, Sustainable Farming Association of Minnesota and others.

 If you have more questions about the Farm Transitions Listserv, please contact Teresa Opheim:

I'm eager to share with you through the Farm Transitions Listserv!