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The University of Minnesota has a "POULTRY" listserv. This list is a free service by the U of MN as a way for producers to stay up-to-date on poultry production news, ideas and events. Please feel free to promote the poultry listserv to anyone who may be interested.

If you would like to join a discussion among poultry producers, Extension educators and researchers about methods of poultry production and marketing, this UM-POULTRY Listserv is for you!

Please post information related to:

  • Poultry Production and Marketing
  • Poultry Breeding, Health and Nutrition
  • Poultry Informational Events and Happenings

Listserv instructions:

To Join the List:

Send an email to

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Example: SUBSCRIBE um-poultry George C. Starr

Questions? Please contact:

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