What's New Archive: June 2005 - June 2006

New Website: Midwest Sustainable Agriculture Working Group
6/07/05Atlas of Environmental Change
 Linking Health and Sustainable Agriculture (PDF)
 Ecology and Sustainability
 Community Supported Agriculture
6/14/05Food & Society
 Organic Seed Production Guides
6/22/05Envisioning the Future of Small Towns
 Food with a View
 Guide to U.S. Organic Certifiers
 National Farmers Union Direct Marketing Website
7/20/05Greenbook 2005
 Organic Certification Cost-Share
 Small Farms, Alternative Enterprises Web Source
 University of Minnesota Farmers' Market
 SARE Highlights and Success Stories
8/05/05Organic Farmgate and Wholesale Prices
 Crop Genetic Resources: An Economic Appraisal
 Direct Marketing, Value-Added, Agritourism Survey
8/24/05King Corn (part 1)
 Safety Net Design for the New Farm Bill
 Food and Environment Electronic Digest (FEED)
9/02/05King Corn (part 2)
 Flexible Conservation Measures on Working Lands
 Farm Beginnings Classes
9/08/05"Cornercopia" Student Organic Farm a Success!
9/29/05Why Soil Health Matters
 Designing Energy Descent Pathways
 Beginning Farmer Land Contract Pilot Program
 NCR-SARE Farmer & Rancher Grants
 MDA-ESAP Sustainable Agriculture Grants
10/24/05Can the Way We Eat Change Metropolitan Agriculture?
 Bringing a Little Country to the Big Apple
 Two New Organic Agriculture Programs in Minnesota
10/25/05Organic Producer Magazine
11/02/05From Barn to Banquet (PDF)
 Having Trouble with the MISA Website?
11/23/05Dream of Wild Health (PDF)
11/28/05Organic Gearhead/Gee Whiz Contest
12/06/05Farming and Soil Carbon(PDF)
12/12/05Local Food: Where to Find It, How to Buy It
1/02/06Poultry Your Way
1/09/06Organic Agriculture Coordinators Hired at SWROC
 Working Lands
1/12/06Food Democracy
1/23/06The Real Dirt on Farmer John
1/30/06Ear to the Ground
2/05/06Making the Farm—School Connection(PDF)
2/13/06The Conservation Planner(PDF)
2/16/06Theodora and Arnold Johnson Scholarship
3/03/06New Organic Ag Major at Guelph University
 Focus on Energy: Agriculture and Rural Business
3/08/06New Mill City Farmers' Market in Minneapolis
3/11/06State of Minnesota Farm Bill Forum
3/13/06Transgenic Crops: Implications for Biodiversity and Sustainable Agriculture(PDF)
3/25/06Minnesota Organic Farm Directory(PDF)
3/28/06How to Direct Market your Beef
4/04/06Energy Estimator for Nitrogen Fertilizer
 Smart Water Use on your Farm or Ranch
4/05/06Avian Flu Information
 2006 On-Farm Cropping Trials(PDF)
4/07/06Fertilizing Corn in Minnesota
4/14/06Cornercopia Student Organic Farm – Summer Jobs & Internships
4/18/06Dairy Your Way
5/12/06North Central SARE Research & Education Grants
 Green Routes for Summer Fun
 Farm Energy Calculators
 North Country Cattlemen's College(PDF)
 Dairy Grazing Resources
 Endowed Chair in Agricultural Systems—Call for Applications
6/03/062006 SARE National Conference
6/05/06Greener Pastures: How Grass-fed Beef and Milk Contribute to Healthy Eating
 Grazing in the Dairy State
 Heartland Food Network
 Parasite Management for Natural and Organic Poultry