What's New Archive: July 2006 - June 2007

7/05/06Grass-Fed Meat Label Comment Period is Open  (PDF)
 Understanding U.S. Farm Exits
 School Wellness Policies Include Local and Organic Food
7/12/06Farmers’ Market on U of MN East Bank Campus
7/25/06Business Alliance for Local Living Economies
  SARE 2006 – 2007 Highlights
7/28/06Grazefest Minnesota 2006
 New Organic Ecology Program Hosts Crop Rotation Seminar
8/07/06Eco-Experience at the Minnesota State Fairr
 Haylist – Buy or Sell Hay
 Directory of Minnesota Organic Farms
8/23/06Organic Certification Cost-Share
 Sustainable Agriculture Colloquium at the University of Minnesota (PDF)
 National Agricultural Law Center Reading Rooms
 USDA Directive on Small and Beginning Farmers and Ranchers (PDF)
 National SARE Conference Presentations
9/06/06Drought Relief for Livestock Producers
9/08/06Going Organic Can Improve Profits for Minnesota Farmers
 Goats Control Weeds at Itasca State Park
 1st IFOAM Conference on Animals in Organic Production
9/13/06The National Animal Identification System (NAIS)
 In the Tractor Seat: Women Farmers Take the Steering Wheel
9/21/06A Local Perspective on the National Spinach Recall
9/27/06Pollinator Conservation
 Eat Fresh and Grow Jobs (PDF)
10/03/06IFOAM Organic Livestock Conference Proceedings
10/04/06Farm to College Food Programs
10/05/06SYSCO Minnesota Farmers' Market
10/11/06 An Assessment of the Conservation Security Program (PDF)
10/31/06Roadmap for 2007 Farm Bill
 Impact of USDA Programs on Small & Medium Farms (PDF)
 Status of Pollinators in North America (PDF)
11/14/06Organic Livestock Feed Suppliers Database
 Searching for Organic Seeds (PDF)
 Wildrose Farm
11/15/06UMORE Park: A Vision for the 21st Century
12/05/06Sustainable Agriculture Education Association
 Student Organic Farm Course
12/15/06Emergency Response Planning for Fruit & Vegetable Growers
12/18/06Senior Farmers' Market Nutrition Program
1/05/07Pride of the Prairie Local Food Guide (PDF)
 Mixed Prairie Grasses for Biofuel
 The National List Petition Process--National Organic Program
 Rural Development Through Sustainably Produced Food (PDF)
1/09/07Ethics & Aesthetics of Eating
1/16/07Third Thursdays: Monthly Celebration of Locally Grown Foods
1/19/07Organic No-Till Corn Beats Standard Organic
1/22/07Is the FDA's Cloning Proposal Ready for Prime Time? (PDF)
2/13/07Greener Eggs and Ham: Benefits of Pasture-Raised Pork and Poultry
 Organic Agriculture Production & Acreage Reports
 Life Satisfaction on Grazing Dairy Farms
2/21/07Johnson Research Internship in Sustainable Agriculture
3/08/07Minnesota Guide to Organic Certification
3/20/07Farm Energy
3/22/07Weed Management Survey
4/05/07Farm Bill Issues: Economic Analysis
4/19/07Concentration of Agricultural Markets (PDF)
4/23/07Marketing Local Food
 Farm Aid Survey of Students
 Wildlife Habitat Management for Landowners
4/27/07You Are What You Grow--Michael Pollan
 Alternative Swine Housing Photos
5/02/07Home Grown Economy Conference Proceedings
 Conservation Security Program in 5 Midwestern States  (PDF)
5/15/07Community-Based Food Systems (PDF)
5/25/07Farming for Bees
 Crossbreeding of Dairy Cattle Symposium Proceedings
 Symposium on Small Towns
6/15/07Source Magazine from University of Minnesota Extension
 How To Go Organic
 The Goat Dairy Library
6/21/072007 National Organic Research Agenda (PDF)
 University Dining Services Sustainability Program
 Creating Stewards of the Land
  6/28/07A Year of Eating Locally – KAXE public radio interview (audio)
 Economic Viability of Grazing Dairy Farms (PDF)
 Organic Grain & Feedstuffs Price Summary, Feb. - June 2007