What's New Archive: July 2007 - June 2008

07/20/2007 Grazefest 2007
  Pasture-Based Livestock Research
  Electric Fence Review
  Learning for Sustainability
08/03/2007 National Farmers' Market Week
08/07/2007 Organic Farm Business Management Report (PDF)
  Food Miles--Comparative Energy/Emissions Performance (PDF)
  Herd Health in Alternative Swine Systems
  U of MN Extension Forages Website
09/04/07 Impact of Flooding on Organic Food and Fields (DOC)
  Sow the Seeds Flood Relief Fund
  PastureLand Co-op at American Cheese Society Competition
10/05/07 Managing Cover Crops Profitably
  Organic Farming and Marketing Bibliography
  Farmer-Lender Mediation
  Farmers’ Guide to Wind Energy
10/10/07 Trouble Downstream: Upgrading Conservation Compliance
10/23/07 Climate Change, Biofuels, and Global Food Security (PDF)
  Disaster Readiness and Recovery: Legal Considerations for Organic Farmers
  Starved for Access: Life in Rural America’s Food Deserts
  Mississippi River Quality and the Clean Water Act
10/24/07 Grass Fed Labeling Standards
10/29/07 Nutrient Levels in U.S. Food Supply Eroded by Pursuit of High Yields (PDF)
11/06/07 Government Support for Ethanol and Biodiesel in the United States
11/26/07 Biofuels: An Important Part of a Low-Carbon Diet
  Heartland Mill Profile
  Nitrogen Fertilizers Deplete Soil Organic Carbon
  Meat Goats – Interview with Peg Fultz
12/05/07 Cropland Concentration & Government Payments
  New Applied Sustainability Center at Univ. of Arkansas
  Whole Foods Market Local Producer Loan Program
12/19/07 Plant Information Online
01/02/08 Integrating Conservation and Commodity Program Payments
  The End of Cheap Food
  Farm-to-School Routes
  KAXE Radio Interview with Al Jabs of Red Barn Farm
01/22/08 KAXE Radio Interview with Carol Ford, “Garden Goddess”
1/29/08 3rd Crop Producer Meetings with Rural Advantage
  International Assessment of Agricultural Science and Technology for Development
  Modelling Biofuel Production as an Infectious Growth on Food Production
  Feeding the Factory Farm
02/13/08 Youngest Grocer in America
  Local Food Hero Radio Show
  Small Farm Success Stories (PDF)
  Food Artists of the Year—Shepherd's Way Farm
03/03/08 Rodale Institute Online Organic Transition Course
  Grocery Store Survey of Organic Food Purchases (PDF)
  Minnesota Department of Agriculture Organic Marketing Report (PDF)
  Policy Guide on Community and Regional Food Planning
03/05/08 Johnson Undergraduate Research Internship
03/12/08 Mill City Market General Store
03/26/08 Meat Processing HACCP Sample Plans
  Leopold Center Marketing & Food Systems Research
04/17/08 2008 Directory of Minnesota Organic Farms
  Ruminant Nutrition for Graziers
04/22/08 Small Meat Processors Guidebook (Iowa)
  Bovine TB in Minnesota
  Minnesota SARE Mini-Grants & Travel Grants
05/15/08 Minnesota's Bubble Economy
  Guides to Help Farmers Negotiate Organic Dairy Contracts
  Feeding Byproducts of Ethanol (PDF)
05/20/08 CAFOs Uncovered
  Dairy Goat Management Best Practices
06/10/08 Minnesota Memorandum of Understanding on Organic Agriculture
  Agricultural Plastics Recycling Pilot Project
  AGSI Agricultural Plastics Recycling Plant in Savage, MN
  Organic High Tunnel Research at Lamberton, MN
  Follow That French Fry: Food Miles and Roadway Damage (PDF)
06/23/08 Farmers' Guide to Disaster Assistance
  Fuel Efficiency in Local Food Distribution