What's New Archive: July 2008 - June 2009

07/07/08 Chester Creek Café on Epicurious
  Eradicate Scrapie
07/09/08 Food Stamps, Food Security and Public Health: Lessons from Minnesota
07/23/08 Minnesota Grazefest 2008
  Summary of Science on Organic Agriculture
07/31/08 Cuban Agriculture Studied by U of MN Student
  On-Farm Water Quality Research
  What’s Driving Food Prices?
09/05/08 Buy-in for Federal Disaster Assistance Programs
  “Local Longer” Campaign for Season Extension
09/22/08 Greenbook 2008: A Multitude of Ideas to Sustain Agriculture
  Organic Farm Performance in Minnesota (PDF)
  Avoid Excessive Harvest of Corn Residue to Maintain Soil Productivity
  Sustainable Farmer Website & Blog
  Midwest Cover Crops Council
10/13/08 Benefits of Local and Organic Food (PDF)
10/14/08 Youth X Change Guide to Sustainable Lifestyles
  Michael Pollan: Farmer-in-Chief
  Positive Practices in Farm Labor Management
11/04/08 National Pesticide Information Center, Spanish Version
  Managed Grazing's Effect on Environment (PDF)
11/05/08 Serving Local Food at Events (PDF)
11/25/08 Changing Climate for Food and Agriculture
  Farm Internship Curriculum & Handbook
  SARE 20/20 Project Highlights
12/03/08 Keeping Farm Energy Costs Down
  Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP) Updates (PDF)
12/10/08 Feeding the world sustainably demands new approach to farming and food
  Sustainable Agriculture Education Association
01/03/09 Unique Dairy Research Effort at Morris, MN
  Revive and Protect the Living Soil
  Michigan Legislation Supports Farm-to-School
1/24/09 Professor Paul Porter’s Africa Bike Tour Blog
  Managing for Water Sustainability (PDF, 1.12 Mb)
1/30/09 eXtension Organic Agriculture Resources
  Organic Certification of Vegetable Production (PDF, 1.64 Mb)
2/11/09 2007 Census of Agriculture
  Organic Agriculture Results from 2007 Census (PDF)
3/09/09 CSA Farm Directory
3/13/09 Minnesota Farm to School Toolkit Website
3/23/09 Sow the Seeds Fund Awards Grants
  Organic Ag Conference Proceedings – MP3 or CD
4/21/09 Identifying our Climate “Foodprint”
  North Central Region SARE Fact Sheets
  Lanesboro Local
  Bovine TB Updates (PDF)
4/23/09 Minnesota Conservation Funding Guide
5/11/09 A Consumer’s Guide to Grass-Fed Beef
6/01/09 EQIP Organic Initiative
  On-Farm Food Safety
6/22/09 Whole Animal Meat Buying Guide (PDF)
  Minnesota Grown Directory New & Improved!
  Farm Beginnings Courses