What's New Archive: July 2009 - June 2010

07/07/09 Adoption of Genetically Engineered Crops in the U.S.
7/15/09 Local Dirt
7/23/09 Agriculture and Climate Change (PDF, 924 kb)
  10 U.S. Food Policy Destinations
7/28/09 Africa Rural Connect
8/14/09 Organic Pork Economic Study (PDF, 19 kb)
  eOrganic Web Community
9/03/09 Conservation Stewardship Program Resources for Organic Farmers
  Transportation Biofuels Report (PDF, 1.33 Mb)
9/08/09 Conservation Stewardship Program, official USDA website
  Harnessing USDA Rural Development Programs to Build Local and Regional Food Systems (PDF, 313 kb)
9/13/09 Lawn Reform Coalition
  Bridging the GAPs: Produce Safety
10/08/09 Marketing U.S. Organic Foods: Recent Trends
  On-Farm Processing Guide (PDF, 1.1 Mb)
11/04/09 Aquaculture Network Information Center
  Minnesota Local Foods Market Report (PDF, 394 kb)
  Agriculture Appropriations Chart, Fiscal Year 2010 (PDF, 299 kb)
  Beginning Farmer Webinar Series
11/09/09 Sustainable Food Jobs
  Health Insurance & Farming at the Rural-Urban Interface (PDF, 859 kb)
11/16/09 Building Sustainable Places Guide to Federal Programs
12/07/09 Farmers’ Market Coalition Resource Library
12/09/09 Case Studies of Mid-Scale Food Supply Chains
  Grass-Based Dairy Products: Challenges and Opportunities (PDF, 627 kb)
12/29/09 Crop Rotation on Organic Farms: A Planning Manual
  Pollinator Conservation Resource Center
  Ethanol and a Changing Agricultural Landscape (PDF, 2.18 Mb)
1/04/10 Directory of Organic Buyers
1/26/10 Farm Energy Audits (PDF, 858 kb)
2/02/10 Extending Grazing and Reducing Stored Feed Needs (PDF, 1.18 Mb)
  Beyond the USDA: How other government agencies can support a healthier, more sustainable food system
3/04/10 Healthy Debate Discussion Group
3/08/10 Fisher-Merritts, MOSES Organic Farmers of the Year
3/11/10 AgTransitions
3/24/10 Rebuilding Small-Scale Meat Processing Infrastructure
4/05/10 2008 USDA Organic Agriculture Survey Reports
  A Primer and Vision for Sustainable Biomass Energy
4/06/10 Theodora and Arnold Johnson Undergraduate Research Scholarship
4/22/10 Urban Gardens and Soil Contaminants: A Gardener's Guide to Healthy Soil (PDF, 3.14 Mb)
5/11/10 Enhancing the Multifunctionality of U.S. Agriculture (PDF, 223 kb)
  Exploring the Cuban Food System
  Home Grown Economy Proceedings
  Re-Localizing Our Foodshed Proceedings
5/20/10 Beginning Farmer Case Studies
5/25/10 Managing Pollinators Handbook
  Food Environment Atlas
6/21/10 Local Food Systems: Concepts, Impacts, and Issues (PDF, 1.47 Mb)
  Urban Farming Slide Show
  Targeted Grazing Conference Proceedings