What's New Archive: July 2010 - June 2011

7/02/10 MISA News Blog: New Announcements Location
8/04/10 Farm Bill and Public Health Report
  Register for Farm Beginnings Course
9/17/10 Tiers of the Food System (PDF, 144 kb)
  Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development
  Food Safety Modernization Act – updates and links
  Incorporating Prairies into Multifunctional Landscapes (PDF, 2.79 Mb)
9/24/10 Status of Organic Agriculture in Minnesota
10/07/10 Comparing the Structure, Size, and Performance of Local and Mainstream Food Supply Chains
11/04/10 Farmers Needed for Organic Transitions Study
11/12/10 Farmers Invited to Join New Minnesota Grown Wholesale Database
12/02/10 Videos Explain Meaning of Organic Label
  Farm Mapping Resource
12/08/10 Farm Properties For Sale
12/14/10 Agriculture in the Climate Talks
01/05/11 Economic Impact of Farm-to-School Programs
01/07/11 Seed Stories Exhibit
01/14/11 Risk Management Guide for Organic Producers
01/18/11 Minnesota High Tunnel Production Manual for Commercial Growers
02/23/11 My American Farm Educational Website
  “Greening the Desert” Video
  New Sustainable Farming Association Website
03/17/11 Anaerobic Digesters: Farm Opportunities and Pathways
  National Good Food Network Webinars
04/15/11 Urban Agriculture Survey
  Harvest Foodservice Journal
  Nutrition & Feeding of Organic Cattle
  Rural Enterprise Center
04/18/11 Local and Regional Foods in Minnesota
04/26/11 Farmstay Manual
04/27/11 Urban Farmers Listserv
04/29/11 Agri-News Article on Beginning Farmer Case Studies
05/02/11 MISA Survey
  MISA Program Update
06/07/11 Vegetable Enterprise Budgets
  Grower Perspectives on Farm to School in Minnesota
06/08/11 Mille Lacs Area Food Network Feasibility Study
  Report on 6th Immigrant & Minority Farmers Conference
  New Crops Assessment Survey
06/29/11 Sustainable Agriculture Day in Minnesota