What's New Archive: July 2011 - June 2012

7/06/11 Environmental Working Group Farm Subsidy Database
7/26/11 Harvest Foodservice Journal
  Food Hubs Website
8/02/11 Profitability Analysis of Organic and Conventional Cropping
8/18/11 Complex Carbon Flow of Transported Agricultural Crops
  Farmers’ Markets as Job Generators
8/19/11 Livestock Environmental Quality Assurance Program
8/30/11 September is Farm to School Month
9/07/11 2010 Organic Farm Performance in Minnesota
9/26/11 After the Flood (upstate New York & Vermont)
10/24/11 Minnesota Cover Crops Decision Tool
11/08/11 Register for Meat Workshop, Jan. 12, 2012
  Economic Research Service Report on Marketing Local Food
12/01/11 Cover Crops Case Study: JenEhr Family Farm
  Cultivando para los Polinizadores Folleto en Español
  Small-scale U.S. Goat Operations
12/08/11 NCR-SARE Field Notes Newsletter
1/30/12 Building Successful Food Hubs
  Cover Crops & No Till Boost Soil Quality & Yield
  Cash Grain & Cover Crop Case Study
  Oklahoma Forage-Based Buck & Ram Test
2/19/12 Clover Valley Farms, LLC Case Study
3/01/12 Organic Seed Growers Conference Proceedings
  Small Ruminant Biosecurity Plan Template
  IPM Center Winter Newsletter
  Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food Compass
3/12/12 Agricultural Utilization Research Institute: New Website
3/16/12 Toward Healthy Food and Farms
3/29/12 Farm to School in Minnesota: 4th Annual Survey
3/29/12 Urban Gardens and Soil Contaminants
4/24/12 Northern MN Local Meat Survey
4/24/12 Regional Food Hub Resources Guide
4/24/12 Creating Change in the Food System
4/24/12 Diversification of Organic Cropping Systems with Cover Crop Mixtures
5/04/12 North Central SARE Funded Projects
5/04/12 U of MN Receives Perfect Score for Organic Ag Involvement
5/18/12 Grower Perspectives on Farm-to-School
5/18/12 City of St. Paul Local Food Website
5/18/12 Farmers' Markets and EBT Access
5/18/12 Video: Pollinators in the Garden
5/18/12 Conversations with the Land
6/11/12 Apply to join the Minnesota Organic Advisory Task Force
6/15/12 Farm Beginnings Course Sign-Up Until August 1
6/15/12 Minnesota Soil Management Series
6/19/12 SNAP/EBT + Market Bucks at Minnesota Farmers’ Markets
6/26/12 Flood Preparation and Response Information
6/27/12 Call for MISA Board Nominations
6/27/12 IATP Launches Farm-to-Childcare Pilot Program