What's New Archive: July 2013 - June 2014

7/10/13 Proceedings of USDA Organic Farming Systems Research Conference
7/10/13 Field Notes: NCR-SARE Newsletter
7/17/13 Growing Veterans
7/17/13 Organic Transition Cost-Share Pilot Program
7/17/13 Minnesota Business Magazine: Home-Grown, How to Cash in with Creative Agriculture
7/22/13 3rd Crop Walk-N-Talk Field Days
7/24/13 Farmers Market Promotion Program Report
7/31/13 Grass-Based Dairy Sector in Wisconsin
7/31/13 Practical Farmers of Iowa YouTube Channel
8/07/13 Cornercopia Student Organic Farm Featured in Minnesota Daily
8/07/13 Farm Beginnings Course Registration Deadline Extended to Sept. 3
8/07/13 NRCS Web Soil Survey 3.0
8/19/13 State of the Birds 2013 Report on Private Lands Conservation
8/19/13 NCR-SARE Research & Education Grants
8/19/13 Farm Skills 101 Course
8/19/13 MN Livestock Investment Grant
8/23/13 U of MN Survey for Current & Future Strawberry Growers
8/27/13 Updated USDA Microloans Fact Sheet
9/03/13 Greenbook 2013
9/03/13 Farm-to-School Videos
9/09/13 2012 Organic Farm Performance in MN
9/09/13 Register for Urban Ag Bus Tour
9/11/13 NCR-SARE Farmer-Rancher Grants
9/17/13 Flash Floods? Drought? Time for a Little Slow Soil
9/17/13 Installation Considerations for LED Bulbs in Agriculture
9/17/13 Conservation Stewardship Program in Minnesota
9/24/13 New UN Report Calls for Transformation in Agriculture
9/24/13 Minnesota Harvester Handbook
9/24/13 2013 National Food Hub Survey Report
9/24/13 Farmstay Manual
10/08/13 High Tunnel in High Weather Case Study
10/08/13 Closing the Knowledge Gap: How the USDA Could Tap the Potential of Biologically Diversified Farming Systems
10/08/13 NCR-SARE Farmer-Rancher Grant Video: How to Apply
10/16/13 NCR-SARE Youth Educator Grant Video: How to Apply
10/16/13 NCR-SARE Research and Education Grant Video: How to Apply
10/23/13 Nominations Open for Siehl Prize for Excellence in Agriculture
10/23/13 Healthy Local Food at the State Fair Report
10/30/13 MN Specialty Crops: Profit & Performance (PDF, 1.22 Mb)
10/30/13 The Healthy Farmland Diet
10/30/13 MDA Sustainable Ag Demonstration Grants (apply by Jan. 29)
11/12/13 Farm Transitions Toolkit
11/12/13 Economic Impact of Local Food in Iowa
11/26/13 In Memory of Bill Wilcke
11/26/13 Grazing & Soil Quality Videoconference
11/26/13 Changing the Global Food Narrative
12/02/13 Women, Food & Agriculture Conference Proceedings
12/02/13 Online Legal Guide for Direct Farm Marketing
12/16/13 Cultivate Iowa: Season in Review
12/16/13 Minnesota School Gardens: A Guide to Gardening & Plant Science
12/16/13 Field Notes: NCR-SARE Newsletter
1/02/14 “Adjust 2015” Preliminary Findings on Challenges of Farm Start-Ups
1/02/14 USDA's Organic Ag Website
1/02/14 Local Foods College
1/02/14 Winter Workshops Day
1/02/14 Minnesota Organic Conference
1/02/14 Midwest Value Added Agriculture Conference
1/02/14 Practical Farmers of Iowa Conference
1/02/14 Northern Plains Sustainable Agriculture Conference
1/02/14 Immigrant & Minority Farmers Conference
1/14/14 Sustainable Farming Association of MN Conference
1/14/14 Conservation Tillage Conference
1/14/14 Midwest Soil Health Summit
1/14/14 MOSES Organic Conference
1/15/14 Johnson Undergraduate Research Internship
1/22/14 Low-Input Lambing & Kidding Guide, Cornell Univ.
1/22/14 Minnesota 2013 Legislation on Pollinator Habitat
1/30/14 National Resources Inventory, USDA-NRCS
1/30/14 Vermont's Mad River Food Hub
6/05/13 Green Routes for Summer Travel
6/05/13 Delayed or Prevented Planting Information
6/05/13 Map of Farmers’ Markets Accepting SNAP/EBT