What's New Archive: July 2014 - June 2015

7/03/14 Festival of Farms, July 12
  Call for MISA Board Nominations
7/17/14 Beneath the Ground at Minneapolis Institute of Art
  Farmer-to-Farmer Blogs
8/26/14 Cold Climate Strawberry Farming E-Book
  NCR-SARE Research & Education Grants (apply by 10/23/14)
  NCR-SARE Partnership Grants (apply by 10/30/14)
  NCR-SARE Youth Educator Grants (apply by 11/13/14)
  NCR-SARE Farmer-Rancher Grants (apply by 11/20/14)
9/11/14 Very Quick Livestock Producer Survey
  Early Bird Registration for Sustainable Farming Association 2015 Conference
  National Hmong American Farmers: Working with the USDA [10-minute video in Hmong with English subtitles: how farmers can access USDA programs]
9/15/14 Livestock Producer Survey Results
9/16/14 Commercial Kitchen Guide
  Endowed Chair in Agricultural Systems – Call for Applications
  Morocco & Minnesota Together (Again)
9/17/14 Minnesota AGRI Grant for Value-Added Processing & Marketing
10/02/14 October is Farm-to-School Month
  Apply for Organic Certification Cost-Share
10/16/14 Just Food Voter's Guide
  Food Access Summit
  FEAST! Festival & Trade Show
  Sustainable Agriculture Newsletter, Fall 2014
11/20/14 2013-14 Cover Crop Survey Report
  Register for Midwest Soil Health Summit
  Sustainable Agriculture Demonstration Grants (apply by 1/23/15)
  Organic - The Real Natural Video Series
12/08/14 Michigan Food Hub Network Case Study
  Report on Healthy Food Access for Childcare Providers
12/29/14 2014 Minnesota Field Crop Variety Trials
  A Guide to Regulations for Local Food Entrepreneurs
2/05/15 Register for Post-Harvest Handling Workshops
  "Ugly" Fruits & Vegetables Survey
  More ...
  Post-Harvest Handling Presentation
2/17/15 Coping with climate change: the roles of genetic resources for food and agriculture
3/10/15 Greg and Mary Reynolds: MOSES Organic Farmers of the Year
  2015 U of MN Extension Farm Resource Guide
  Sustainable Agriculture Resources for Veterans
3/31/15 The Size and Scope of Locally Marketed Food Production
  CDS Case Study of the Cooperative Local Foods System
  Growing Regional Wealth: A closer look at the impact of local food systems and creative financing
  Local Food Systems as Regional Economic Drivers in Southern MN
  Lentil Underground Dinner and Discussion
4/14/15 Governor's Buffer Initiative
  2013-2014 Cover Crops Survey Report
  USDA-ARS Cover Crop Chart version 2.0
  NCR-SARE Graduate Student Grants
4/29/15 Local Food & Farm Economy Studies
  Critical Analysis of Economic Impact Methodologies
  Growing Local Food Systems: A Case Study Series on Local Governments
  Local Foods Planning & Zoning: Understanding Challenges & Best Practices
5/12/15 Women Caring for the Land
  Farm Solutions Podcast
  A Dairy Farm Rises from the Ashes
6/01/15 MISA Secures Community Innovation Grant
  Beyond Beauty Grower Survey Results: potential for sales of cosmetically imperfect product
  Minnesota Farmers' Market Manual: New Edition
6/08/15 Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program: 2014 Progress Report
  Conservation Client Gateway
  West Central MN Farmers’ Market Pricing Report
6/19/15 The Ecology of Agricultural Landscapes: Long-term Research on the Path to Sustainability
  Financial Competitiveness of Organic Agriculture on a Global Scale
  Festival of Farms Tour, July 11-12
  Foodborne Illness Outbreak Investigative Training