Harvest to Sale Vegetable Handling

Lisa Baker, Bakers' Acres LLC
Laura Frerichs, Loon Organics, Inc.
Joan Olson, Prairie Drifter Farm


Post-Harvest Handling presentation<br />
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Topics covered:

Cleaning & Cooling
Packing Area Infrastructure
Sorting & Grading
Packing & Packaging
Display & Point-of-sale

Companion Handouts to the Harvest-to-Sale Vegetable Handling Presentation:

Harvest-to-Sale Vegetable Handling: Food Safety (PDF, 210 kb)

Harvest-to-Sale Vegetable Handling: Respiration (PDF, 187 kb)

Harvest-to-Sale Vegetable Handling: Resources (PDF, 185 kb)

Harvest and Postharvest Needs of Fall/Winter Storage Crops (PDF, 118 kb)

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On-Farm Food Safety Series:

Handwashing (PDF, 4.9 Mb)

Toilets on the Farm (PDF, 2.4 Mb)

Wash Water Sanitizers (PDF, 622 kb)

Cleaning and Sanitizing Tools (PDF, 1.3 Mb)

Testing Well Water (PDF, 146 kb)

How to build a field hand washing station in 10 easy steps for under $20 (PDF, 565 kb)


National Good Agricultural Practices Program

Host your own workshop! (PDF, 23 kb)


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