Making the Transition to Organic: Ten Farmer Profiles

Transition to Organic Front Cover

Transitioning to organic production can be exciting and—at the same time—a bit daunting. Farmers often cite concerns about weed management, input supplies, labor requirements, yields, and cash ow when weighing the decision to go organic. That’s why, as part of the Tools for Transition Project, we interviewed ten farmers during 2012–2015 who were either in the process of transition or who had been recently certs ed organic to hear, in their words, about what it’s like to go organic.

In the pages that follow you’ll meet small to mid-sized dairy producers, cattle ranchers, eld crop farmers, and a start-up organic vegetable processor. You will read about their motivations for transitioning, challenges encountered, and the outcomes deemed “most satisfying.” Most important, you will learn about their strategies for transitioning—about how and when they transitioned for production, marketing, human resource, and financial reasons.

Making the Transition to Organic: Ten Farmer Profiles 2015







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