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A Business Planner for Farmers, Ranchers and Food Entrepreneurs


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These worksheets are fillable PDF files. Please download and save the worksheets that you want on your computer or device. Then open the files, fill them in with your information, and save them again.

***PLEASE NOTE: It is very important to download and save the worksheets first before you begin filling them in. If you download and fill them in immediately without saving first, your information will be lost when you save them.****

IT.1 Why Transition?

1T.1 My Values

1T.2 Personal Qualities

2T.1 Farm History

2T.2 Current Farm or Facilities Map

2T.3 Current Operations

2T.4 How Close Am I to Farming Organically, Crops?

2T.5 How Close Am I to Farming Organically, Livestock?

2T.6 How Close Am I to Processing Organically?

2T.7 Current Marketing

2T.8 Current Enterprise Sales

2T.9 Current Human Resources

2T.10 Are You Ready to Manage Organically?

2T.11 How Good Are Your Records?

2T.12 Current Family Living Expenses

2T.13 Current Farm Expenses

2T.14 Current Income Statement

2T.15 Current Cash Flow

2T.16 Calculating Depreciation and Inventory

2T.17 Current Balance Sheet

2T.18 Current SWOT

3T.1 Preparing a Future Vision

3T.2 Mission Statement

3T.3 Goals

4T.1 Whole-Farm Strategies

4T.2 Operations Strategy Summary

4T.3 Crop and Livestock Enterprises

4T.4 Transitional Farm Map

4T.5 Organic Processing Map

4T.6 Processed Products and Services

4T.7 Production Estimates,Crops

4T.8 Production Estimates,Livestock

4T.9 Production Estimates, Processed Products

4T.10 Licenses and Certification

4T.11 Operations Risk Management

4T.12 Marketing Strategy Summary

4T.13 Projected Enterprise Sales

4T.14 Marketing Risk Management

4T.15 Human Resource Strategy Summary

4T.16 Acquired Knowledge

4T.17 Management and Workforce Responsibilities

4T.18 Record Keeping Strategy

4T.19 Human Resource Risk Management

4T.20 Projected Family Living Expenses

4T.21 Financial Strategy Summary

4T.22 Projected Farm Expenses

4T.23 Projected Income Statement

4T.24 Projected Cash Flow

4T.25 Projected Balance Sheet

4T.26 Financial Needs and Capital Requests

4T.27 Financial Risk Management

4T.28 Whole-Farm SWOT for Certified Operations

4T.29 Scoring and Deciding on a Final Transition Strategy

5T.1 Monitoring

5T.2 To-Do List

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