Aggregation and Sale of Farm Products

agregación y venta de productos agrícolas

Why Consider a Farmers' Market as an Aggregation and Distribution Business for Wholesale Produce Sales?

  • Farmers’ markets are already established in many communities with farmers bringing produce on set days every week during the growing season. Farmers’ product lines are well-known to the market manager, who can communicate with buyers about availability of product.

  • A farmers’ market that accepts SNAP benefits and credit/debit cards already has an accounting system in place to handle distribution of payments to farmers.

  • Cost of facilities is very low because collection, sorting, and packing of produce for local food businesses can take place at the market during its hours of operation, under a market canopy. A handwashing station is required, but can be a portable gravity-fed model.

  • Storage space may not be needed at all if ordering and deliveries are coordinated with regular market days.

  • Transport of produce is likely to require only short trips because the market is located in the same community as the buyer. There are several options for safe transport of produce to the buyer.


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