Meat and Poultry

Fact Sheet for Buyers of Meat or Poultry:

Approved Sources of Meat and Poultry for Food Facilities
Minnesota Department of Agriculture

Fact Sheets for Farmers Selling Meat or Poultry:

Selling Minnesota Meat Products
Minnesota Local Food Advisory Committee

Selling Minnesota Poultry Products
Minnesota Local Food Advisory Committee

Sale of Locally Home or Farm Raised Poultry
Minnesota Department of Agriculture

Slaughter of Livestock for Custom-Exempt Processing
Minnesota Institute for Sustainable Agriculture

Processing Plants

Custom-Exempt Plants in Minnesota

Equal-To Inspected Plants in Minnesota

USDA Inspected Plants

The USDA directory is nationwide. Contact MISA at if you need assistance in finding a USDA meat or poultry processing plant in Minnesota.

Contact the Minnesota Department of Agriculture

The ultimate source of information on meat and poultry sale regulations in Minnesota is the Dairy and Meat Inspection Program of the Minnesota Department of Agriculture. That division is responsible for the regulation of meat sales in Minnesota, and their inspectors work directly with farmers and processors.

Telephone number for Dairy and Meat Inspection Program:  651-201-6300.

Meat, Poultry, and Egg Inspection Web Page:

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