Meat Workshop Proceedings 2013

2013 Workshop features:

Levi Muhl of the Minnesota Department of Agriculture gave two presentations:

Poultry Rules, Regulations, and Processing Options (PDF, 3.6 Mb)

Meat Rules, Regulations, and Processing Options (PDF, 3.6 Mb)

Panel: Making the Most of the Farmer-Processor Relationship

MISA would like to thank the processors and farmers who participated in the panel discussion:

Gerard Hoffarth, St. Joseph Meat Market
Mike Stine, Stonebridge Beef
Ron Nelson, Nelson-Shine Produce Co.
Jane Jewett, WillowSedge Farm
Kelly Gall Washa, Foley Locker

The panel discussion was filmed by  Visit their website to find videos from this and many other workshops nationwide that relate to organic or sustainable agriculture.

Speaker & Panelist Biographies

Levi Muhl
Meat Compliance Officer
Meat, Poultry and Egg Inspection
Minnesota Department of Agriculture 
Levi graduated from the University of Wisconsin – River Falls with a Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Studies and a minor in Animal Science.  He began working for the Minnesota Department of Agriculture as a Meat Inspector. His duties were performing routine inspections at a variety of MN “equal to” and custom exempt facilities. These inspections included ante/post mortem livestock inspections, slaughter and facility sanitation, in addition to HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) inspections.

Currently, Levi’s position is a Meat Compliance Officer. In this position Levi performs HACCP audits at MN “equal to” facilities, in addition to his responsibility to investigate and initiate enforcement activities involving meat. He also assists in education and outreach to the public representing the State of Minnesota’s meat inspection program. 

Gerard Hoffarth

Manager of the Meat Processing Operation at the St. Joseph Meats and Retail.  34 years of experience at meat cutting and catering.  St. Joseph Meats processes under USDA Inspection and works with farmers and institutions as a supplier beef and pork.  St. Joseph Meats has a new 3000 sq. ft. sausage kitchen and does a large business in value added meat products.

Mike Stine

Mike is the founder and farmer at StoneBridge Beef near Long Prairie, MN.  StoneBridge Beef sells grass-fed beef to 400 families and about 20 restaurants in Central Minnesota and in the Twin Cities.  The farm typically runs about 250 beef cattle and processes year around.  Some of Mike's client restaurants include Butcher and Boar, Lucias, Hell's Kitchen, Barbette, Broders, and DB Searle here in St. Cloud.  All processing is done at St. Joseph Meats and Retail.
Nelson-Shine Produce Company

Ron and Barb started the farm as Nelson-Shine Holsteins in 1984, shortly after they were married, and milked cows until 2001.  In 2004, the poultry processing started in full swing with the completion of a new building, the purchase of a large freezer, and the hiring of staff.  They also, in that time, started the greenhouse and have since expanded both the greenhouse and poultry processing business.  While Ron runs the greenhouses and poultry processing, Barb works at Lakes Printing during the week and in the greenhouses whenever she is able to. Sons Magnus and Nick and their families live and farm nearby, supplying livestock and produce for sale in the family business; Magnus also helps manage the poultry processing and greenhouse operations.  Son Ben, recently returned from the US Marine Corps, helps out with poultry processing. Daughter Veronica manages sales at the greenhouse when she’s not in school, and younger sons John Paul and Simon are great helpers on the farm.  

Jane Grimsbo Jewett
Jane and her family raise beef cattle, hogs, broiler chickens, and laying hens on their farm near Palisade, MN. Meat and eggs are sold at the Grand Rapids Farmers’ Market, Gramma’s Pantry store in Aitkin, or as bulk orders to individuals. Daughter Sigrid is taking over the egg business this year. Jane is president of the Grand Rapids Farmers’ Market, serves on the Minnesota Grown Advisory Committee, and works for the Minnesota Institute for Sustainable Agriculture.

Kelly Gall Washa
Owner and operator of Foley Locker – Grand Champion Meats. We are a family owned and operated business in Foley. We offer custom and state inspected processing, wholesale, and offer a full line of sausage and retail selections!