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Anna Johnson

Anna Johnson grew up in Grand Rapids, MN and enjoys outdoor activities such as kayaking, gardening, and backpacking. She enjoys the challenge of creating systems that improve the efficiency and sustainability of community projects. She graduated from Michigan Technological University in 2016 with a Bachelor of Science in Biology. She has worked on online marketing for Get Fit Itasca’s website, a nonprofit who works on active living and healthy eating initiatives in Itasca County, and uses GSuite applications for many of their community projects. She also works with the University of Minnesota’s Institute for Sustainable Agriculture on website projects and upkeep as needed.

Free one-on-one coaching

For up to 50 farmers

The COVID pandemic has forced consumers to shop online now more than ever, and the sale of meat, vegetables, and other farm products online has increased dramatically. Consumers will continue to purchase online throughout the this time, and many will continue to do so after COVID has run its course.

Many farmers who are engaged in direct marketing may use the internet to advertise their farm and products, but are not really set up to take orders online. To help farmers adapt quickly to this unique market opportunity, North Central SARE, the Minnesota Institute for Sustainable Agriculture, and UMN Extension are offering free one-on-one coaching for up to 50 farmers who are interested in taking online orders for their products.

Farmers can spend up to 2 hours with the coach, via Zoom, and be guided through the process of:

--- Setting up a Wordpress site to advertise products for sale

--- Setting up a Google Form to take customer orders

--- Transferring order information from Google Forms to Google Sheets, to tally orders and calculate what's owed by each customer.

An additional 1 hour of troubleshooting help is available to each farmer after they have set up their system.

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