Garden Farme

Contact: Bruce Bacon
7363 175 Ave NW
Ramsey, MN 55303-3038
763-753-4275 (home) or 753-5099 (garden line)
Email: bbacon AT

Current Operation

Here is a raised bed intensive organic production of culinary herb and leafy greens specialty garden for chefs, caterers, co-ops; some perennials and fruits; hand tool, continuous mulch, hand weeding, direct seeding, succession planting in 30 in x 30 ft beds. Garden mosaic surrounds the yard, with adjoining tree, shrub and habitat diversity to facilitate biological pest control. Permaculture design landscape features with nuts, fruits, mushrooms, potted tree nursery, 25 acre restored prairie planting, honey bees and woodlot mgmt pruning, planting, thinning. Host site for special events.

Internship Description

Intern is to work cooperatively to help produce 30-40 species on 60-80 raised beds. Tending beds need shovel and rake to shape, hoe for direct seed planting, fork for mulch, hand weeding, inventory, harvest, prep, pack for storage and next day delivery. Light maintenance garden related. Garden crops for cooperative meals. Helping the farm host special events optional. Woods work and tree nursery also an option.

Intern Skills/Experience

Intern needs skill with hand tools or willingness to learn, and hands to nurture the plantings, Ability to adjust performance of tasks to vagaries of weather, delivery schedule, communicate with co-workers, empathize with plants needs for conversion to beautiful, flavorful, nutritious product. Schedules can be adjusted to accommodate particular intern needs.

Internship Timeline

A two week practice period will orient the intern to the tasks, tools, coworkers and living accommodations, and establish a work schedule. Begin April, May or June for following three months, or more. 6 to 10 hrs a day, three to five days a week expected; if available till end of season, prepping beds in October for next spring.

Internship Stipends/Benefits

After two week introduction to garden practice, stipend begins at $20/ day and $20/wk grocery supplement. After a month we will evaluate the tasks and review invoice returns that fund garden and delivery expense, and labor ratio.

Family Information

I moved onto the 1913 Crandall/Keillor Great Grandparents farm in 1970; sons Thorsten and Justin arrived in 1972, 1973 and now 4 grandchildren. Cousin Don helps with equipment. I retired from City of Ramsey in 2007 after 29 yrs as tree inspector, fire warden, and environmental specialist.

Additional Information

Intern is invited to plan and implement a research or hobby project, or incubate their own specialty favorite garden crop [e.g. cut flowers, medicinal herb gathering, mushroom inoculation]. Interns can invite friends or family for social occasions.