Green Island

Internship Guidelines and Procedures
Contact Person: Kent Scheer, 218 631 2084 


Our Green Island is the site of the old family farm now converted to a public green space and agroforestry project. We two, Kent and Vicki, are active in the arts and in our community. We are seniors who relish our privacy but are happy to share with focused youth who possess maturity...and who would benefit by assisting with some of the myriad chores the land requires. In turn, we have the wisdom of years and special skills in:

  • apple culture
  • arts and arts administration
  • small architecture
  • forest maintenance
  • environmental consciousness
  • humanism and free-thinking

Additional Information

We will be pleased to receive queries and investigative discussions from students, even at the pure curiosity level. Don't hesitate to email with your questions, or better yet, with your ideas.

A unique possibility at Green Island stems from our close connection to the small city of Wadena. It could be very feasible to create a cross-over internship by linking with the community non-profit, Stimulating Economic Progress (STEP). STEP has a local foods, small farm, and community health focus and welcomes help with such things as community action, canvassing, brainstorming, research and planning.

Current Operation

There is nothing else quite like this experiment which we have begun around making good land “productive” for society without mining it through conventional agricultural practices. Our multi-tiered efforts and interests include:

  • 50 fruit trees just maturing into production
  • naturalizing berry bushes and food reserves
  • providing community green space serving the public for school outings, weddings, picnics
  • establishment of a new forest for agroforestry and community health
  • enhancing wildlife habitat
  • offering environmental education activities
  • developing medicinal herb under-plantings
  • promoting shinrin-yoku

Internship Description

Activities would be custom designed as best suits the educational needs of the student. Some possible selections are:

  • horticultural Summer handwork... weeding, hand watering, mowing
  • Fall apple harvest, cider pressing, solar dehydration of fruit chips and leathers
  • Winter forest pruning and thinning
  • Winter fruit tree pruning
  • designing and conducting personal horticultural, architectural, or environmental experiments
  • assisting with tiny house construction
  • greeting visitors, conducting tours
  • brainstorming new crops, processes, and purposes
  • constructing wildlife habitat enhancements
  • design and installation of sculptural elements
  • building an outhouse, play equipment, and other small structures
  • website updating and maintenance
  • assisting other Wadena movers and shakers with community projects
  • discussion and innovation

Intern Skills/Experience

  • Maturity, adult bearing, personal pride
  • strong listening skills
  • self-motivation
  • creativity... is a plus
  • critical thinking skill... is a plus

Internship Timeline

Our Green Island does not have routine daily income producing chores which need to be learned and conducted by an intern. Instead, we have seasonal bursts of activity which are very widely diverse in nature.

An IDEAL intern duration would run between 3 to 12 months with on-site residence of

 2-3 days at a time once each month.

Internship Stipends/Benefits

No financial stipend is available at present, but we may be able to offer creative income opportunities, or assistance with writing grant applications for support.

For living accommodations in 2017 we have private and attractive camping locations plus a sizable canvas tent, if needed. Also, there are two motels within a 5 minute walk as well as chain restaurants and shopping.

Beginning in very late 2017 we will have a new and highly unique guest caravan available. The caveat is that it is a guest rental attraction...for intern use it must be treated with great care and respect to be offered as free housing.

Intern Skills/Experience

  • Maturity, adult bearing, personal pride
  • strong listening skills
  • self-motivation
  • creativity... is a plus
  • critical thinking skill... is a plus

Our website offers much more background information. 

Best way to contact: Email