Northwoods Organic Produce

Contact: David B. Massey (Farmer Dave)
3695 Auger Ave.
St. Paul, MN 55110-4606
Phone: 651-653-1320
Best way to contact us: 651-301-2507 (cell), 218-568-5823 (farm)

Current Operation

Our farm is certified Food Alliance Midwest and affiliated with Land Stewardship Project. We are certified organic OCIAMN #1. Our farm does seed saving of heirloom varieties. We also have a Forest Stewardship Plan. We use high tunnel production, greehouse plant seeding, foliar feeding, brix and sap testing, experimental planting techniques, and cover crops.

Internship Description

Works independently; normal farm work: weeding, soil preparation, planting, etc.; Irrigation systems, foliar feeding, record keeping. Planting techniques: Brassicas, Alliums, Tomatoes, Perennials, Squash, potatoes. Harvest a variety of crops. Emphasis on quality/packaging, cleanliness, etc.

Intern Skills/Experience

Operate small equipment; mechanical ability to fix irrigation systems and routine maintenance; operate hand sprayers and mix organic foliar feeding sprays; good record keeping and field labeling; some experience with stressors on plantings, ie. (insect, plant disease, hydration, animal damage etc.).

Internship Timeline

Negotiable, depending on his/her schedule with emphasis on dependable scheduling. Needs vary with the progression of harvest. Spring planting, perennial harvest of asparagus/rhubarb, seeded crops/transplants, strawberries, blueberries/raspberries, fall harvest

Internship Stipends/Benefits

$8.50/hour—living accommodations negotiable

Work Schedule

Work mostly M-F with Friday delivery of food products to customers in Twin Cities on Friday-Saturday. Overlapping schedules best for variable weather and deliveries. Nutritional emphasis correlated to soil/plants/human diseases.

Additional Information

Our farm in Pequot Lakes produces organic, high quality, flavorful heirloom variety fruits and vegetables for your family's table. It is important our farming practices are safe for our family and for our customers. We employ environmentally friendly growing techniques that produce healthy soil for healthy crops. Northwoods Organic Produce conserves and protects the surrounding forest and wetlands of our farm, maintaining habitat for songbirds, raptors, water fowl, and mammals.