Riverbend Farm

Contact: Greg Reynolds
5405 Calder Ave SE
Delano, MN 55328
Email: riverbend@usinternet.com
Best way to contact us: e-mail 1st, then phone

Current Operation

We have a certified organic vegetable farm with a four-year crop rotation. The rotation consists of: 1) vegetables 2) peas, beans, cover crop seeds 3) rye with clover or vetch 4) soybean and sorghum green manure crop. The ¼ acre vegetable beds are separated by a 6-foot strip for beneficial insect habitat. Each year we have about 8-10 acres of vegetables that are sold to Twin Cities food co-ops and restaurants. Everything is sold within 50 miles of the farm.

Internship Description

Interns would experience small-scale organic vegetable production first hand. They would be involved in greenhouse work, transplanting, irrigation, weed control, harvest and packing of vegetables. Interns would be able to see, experience, and discuss a wide range of organic farming practices.

Intern Skills/Experience

Interns should be interested in operating their own farm someday. Interns with a desire to work on an organic farm for the experience would also be considered. An intern should be familiar with a variety vegetables and how they are grown and / or used. The ability to solve problems, make good decisions and to work independently are valuable. Farming or gardening experience would be a plus. Interns should be in good physical condition and be able to lift and carry 50 pounds.

Internship Timeline

Interns would have to work Monday, Wednesday and Thursday each week from mid May until the end of September (20 weeks). Workdays are 8 to 10 hours long starting at 8 am.

Internship Stipends/Benefits

Wages are $8 to 10 dollars per hour plus seasonal vegetables. No on site housing is available. We are located one hour west of the St. Paul campus.

Additional Information

Farm Description: Riverbend Farm is located 30 miles west of Minneapolis on the North Fork of the Crow River. Our land base consists of 80 acres of gently rolling sandy loam soil. Each year we have about 8 acres of certified organic vegetables in a four year rotation. The produce is sold to natural food co-ops and restaurants in the Twin Cities metropolitian area. We grow a couple hundred varieties of vegetables spread over eight major crops. Our largest volume crops are tomatoes, greens and radishes, and eggplant.

Work Description: This position is for a hired hand on a certified organic vegetable farm. This is not a good first job for anyone. The work is physically tiring, requires speed and attention to detail. This work may be performed under adverse conditions. At times it will be repetitious, cold, hot, wet, dirty, and buggy. It is productive in a very elemental way. You must be able to lift and carry 50 pounds. The pay is $8-10/ hr., + vegetables, fresh air and plenty of exercise....

Responsibilities will include, but not be limited to:

  • Greenhouse work - mixing potting soil, filling flats, seeding flats, record keeping, watering plants, repotting, hardening off.
  • Field work - transplanting both with a machine and by hand, weeding, laying drip tape, setting up and moving overhead sprinklers, harvesting and picking vegetables, washing, grading and packing produce.
  • Driver - A driver must have a spotless driving record, be courteous, and detail oriented, help load the truck and make deliveries to co-ops and restaurants in the Twin Cities metropolitan area, ensure that the correct product, in good condition, is delivered to the right account, keep track of signed invoice copies, collect boxes or crates to reuse.

Work days: Core work days are Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Deliveries are on Tuesday and Friday. Work days are about 10 hours long and and go from mid-May until the begining of October. The work involves planting, weeding, and harvest. It is fairly fast paced and quite physical.

Written Interview:
  • Name, address, phone number, email.
  • Tell me about yourself. What is your work experience ? Have you ever worked on a farm? If so, what kind of farm work have you done ? Please provide two work related references.
  • What are your hobbies ? Do you watch TV ? What do you usually read? What are you reading now? Do you have any active hobbies or do you partcipate in any sports?
  • Do you have a garden ? What do you grow ? Do you eat organic food ? Do you buy fresh vegetables when you shop ? Do you cook and eat most of your meals at home?
  • Do you have any allergies like bees, plants, etc?
  • Are you color blind?
  • Why do you want to work on an organic farm?