Contact: Daniel Halsey
17766 Langford Blvd
Prior Lake, MN 55372
Best way to contact: 612-720-5001

Current Operation

SouthWoods is a Permaculture Forest Garden in the making. It is a 25 acre wetland with varied typography and soils.

We are designing and implementing systems for sustainable yields of Fruits, Herbs, Mushrooms and Nuts. Our practices include earthworks, swales and berms, with permaculture practices as described by Mollison, Holmgren, and Jacke. Large areas of SouthWoods are available for experimentation and test plots.

Internship Description

Current projects and plans with opportunity for interns:

  • Planting additions and maintenance of existing orchard
  • Guild design, stabilization and planting ground cover of 300’ Earthen Wall for future uses.
  • Designing, Implementing and Data Collection of Aquaculture Chinampas and Pond Plants.
  • Research, Coordinate, Design and Implement Hwy run-off ponds with earthworks and plants.
  • Educational activities with 4H and visiting children’s groups.
  • Informational Website, blog and streaming video of SouthWoods.
  • Plant and maintain living structures, (Willow & Poplar)
  • Propagate and identify existing wild foods in the wetland peninsula.
  • Develop and Manage Mycelium Logs and Mushroom Gardens.
  • Work with local CSAs to develop a local source network.
The intern may also choose to develop personal projects for college program requirements.

Intern Skills/Experience

  • Permaculture knowledge and skills.
  • Plant Guilds, Companion Planting, Wetland Restoration., Erosion Control
  • Wild edible plant identification.
  • Managing pond fish
  • Mushroom Propagation and Media Development
  • Cover Cropping, Vineyard Development and Trellis Building

Internship Timeline

Anytime May through September. Minimum 2 days per week or as arranged

Internship Stipends/Benefits

Housing may be arranged commensurate with time commitment and proposed implementation. Stipend to be determined based on delivered skills and design implantation.

Family Information

Southwoods is the homestead of Daniel and Ginny Jacobs-Halsey.
We work in and outside the home in professional careers.