Dream of Wild Health

Contact Person: Diane Wilson
16085 Jeffrey Avenue
Hugo, MN 55038
(612) 874-4200
Email: diane@dreamofwildhealth.org

Best way to contact us: e-mail

Current Operation

Dream of Wild Health is a 10-acre, organic farm located in Hugo, MN. We grow out indigenous seeds—primarily corn, beans, and squash--that were donated by tribes from around the region, some of which are hundreds of years old. We also grow a market garden with a wide variety of vegetables that are sold at a farmers market in the Twin Cities at three locations close to the Native community. We are in the process of developing a three year business plan to help improve the overall sustainability of the farm.

Internship Description

Interns can be involved in the planting, growing, and harvesting of produce; documenting the growth cycles of the indigenous plants; preparation work for fields; assisting with farmers markets. Interns can also assist with Native youth programs, which run two months in the summer and teach urban kids about plants, healthy lifestyles, and culture. We welcome a wide range of interests and skills, including marketing, business planning, and publicity.

Intern Skills/Experience

Background in horticulture related field; basic experience in garden/farm work; open mind and heart to working with other cultures; an interest in learning about American Indian agriculture and culture.

Internship Timeline

Because we are unable at this time to offer a stipend, we are very flexible in the hours that interns are able to commit.

Internship Stipends/Benefits

We are unable to offer stipends at this time but interns will be well fed and provided with fresh produce for personal use. We encourage interns to look for funding support through their school programs and/or work study.

Family Information

Dream of Wild Health was founded to help improve health in the American Indian urban community by providing access to traditional foods and medicines. Native and non-Native people are welcome at the farm; our work provides a bridge between cultures.

Additional Information

Dream of Wild Health provides a wonderful, enriching experience for people interested in learning about other cultures, as well as participating in permaculture design and planning for an organic farm. Our plans in the next few years include raising chickens, adding an orchard of indigenous fruit trees and shrubs, keeping bees, and eventually restoring a portion of the land to prairie.