Land Stewardship Project

821 East 35th Street, Suite 200
Minneapolis, MN 55407-2102

Land Stewardship Project is a membership organization that fosters an ethic of stewardship for farmland and promotes sustainable agriculture and sustainable communities. Programs and projects in four offices are designed to:

  1. Support the development of prosperous, diversified, family-sized farms;
  2. Hold government and corporations accountable for protecting environmental quality in rural areas and assuring farmers equal opportunity for access to land, markets and credit; and
  3. Develop healthy communities. LSP involves its members in research, education, community organizing, and publishing.

From time to time, LSP has openings for interns to work on particular projects in particular offices. There is no generic internship. To find out about opportunities, interested persons should contact:

  • Amy Bacigalupo (Montevideo area): 320-269-2105
  • Mark Schultz (Minneapolis area): 612-722-6377
  • Karen Benson (Lewiston area): 507-523-3366

Interns must have excellent written and oral communications skills and computer skills. Timeline varies depending upon project and location of internship. This is quite flexible. Intern stipends and benefits vary depending upon project funding.

Land Stewardship Project—Policy Outpost

Contact: Mark Schultz
3724 12th Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55407

The Land Stewardship Project is a private, non-profit, membership organization. Its mission is to foster an ethic of stewardship for our nation's land and water and to promote sustainable agriculture. This office works on projects related to public and corporate policy for sustainable agriculture and rural justice.