Wagbo Peace Center

Contact: Rick and Tracy Meisterheim
5745 North M-66
East Jordan, MI 49727
E-mail: wagbo@juno.com
Website: http://wagbofarm.blogspot.com/

We are a non-profit, experiential education center teaching peaceable sustainable living. Our main focus is on sustainable agriculture and nonviolence. We are in northern lower Michigan in the small town of East Jordan. Our farm is being developed into a model working small farm using sustainable methods. We have working demonstration projects in pastured poultry, rotational grazing with small & large animals, portable hog pens, a permaculture greenhouse (which uses chickens as a supplemental heat source), a CSA garden, composting, draft horse work, maple syrup production (2300 taps gravity feed), sustainable forestry, and a youth-at-risk farming apprenticeship program. Other projects are in the works, including a small apiary and a small orchard.