Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center

Contact Person: David Abazs, Farm Manager
Address: Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center, 6282 Cranberry Rd
City, State, Zip: Finland, MN 55603
Phone: 218-220-0194 (cell) and 218-353-7762 (home)
Email Address: farm@wolf-ridge.org
Website: wolf-ridge.org/explore/wolf-ridge-organic-farm/

Current Operation

We are an organic based farming system with cover crops, crop rotations, and efforts toward powering the farm with renewables. We are in the development phase of the farm with this summers activities including growing food in the first high tunnel (30' x 96'), finishing the processing facility, preparing sites for building two more high tunnels, building a picnic/pizza oven timber frame shelter and classroom. Summer interns will also have formal learning opportunities with soils, plants, pollinators etc.

Internship Description

The Wolf Ridge Organic Farm Intern will assist with the care and management of farm fields, greenhouse facilities, growing beds, tools and equipment. Responsibilities include driving, construction, compost turning, maintenance, soil amendments, cultivation, seeding, planting, weeding, pest and disease control, harvesting, chainsaw clearing, cement work, brick oven building as well as offering farm tours and programs with the opportunity to teach classes for Wolf Ridge. The Farm Manager will mentor and supervise the intern. Intern Learnings - * Soil chemistry, biology and physics * Basics of planting, weeding & harvesting * Plant biology, organic pest and disease control * Appropriate methods and care with equipment and tools * How to present and evaluate public programs * To become competent at driving and/or teaching 3-hour class on agriculture and related subjects * To gain an understanding of plants, food systems and organic agriculture

Intern Skills/Experience

Interns must be in good physical condition, able to lift or carry 50 pounds, appropriate candidate for work with youth as a teacher and hold a valid drivers license. A good attitude is the most important skill for success.

Internship Timeline

Summer Internship Dates: June 9 - August 17, 2014 (10 weeks) Typically 40 hours week

Internship Stipends/Benefits

Room and Board is provided. No wages paid to the intern.

Family Information

Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center, Finland, MN is a residential learning center with a new farm designed to provide (eventually) all of the vegetables and eggs for the 140,000 meals for the teachers, students and parents that visit our facility each year. Interns will live on campus, one mile away, living in a single room and sharing communal space (kitchen, living room, bathroom) with the other summer staff.

Additional Information

Additional farming opportunities will be available on an adjacent family farm that is an established and fully operational organic vegetable production system. This off site experience with the Wolf Ridge Organic Farm, will be a broad and rich combination that will give interns a great opportunity to learn about farming.